He bet he would shave his head if he made a million quid from social media


In one of the most stunning decisions ever, a guy from Bristol, UK has cut off his dreadlocks.
Having grown out his hair since 2005, the United Kingdoms resident and banker shaved off his head against a bet he was so confident he would win.

The dreads were gone (yes, every last one of them) and he said he had made the change the day after he had lost a bet against his friend.

“I could never come to think of this day but if I look in the past, it was the best decision I have ever made,” he said.
Paul, 34, was a clerk in a local bank in his town and joked that shedding the hair would bring out a sporting look and could help his side of the negotiations.
“It’s just a new do, and I feel ready to rock,” he said. “So maybe this new do-over will make them think I’m 22 or 23.”
His friend Nick Rozario said the change couldn’t hurt. “It looks great and comes at a greater good, “ he said.


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