Gordon Ramsey Updates His Ferrari Collection


    Celebrity Chef, Ramsey has updated his Ferrari Collection on Sunday. He has owned a latest Ferrari worth 1 million Euros. Interesting, this Ferrari was owned by Lewis Hamilton, popular F1 racer.

    This is a much respected moment for Gordon Ramsey. He went on a long drive with his 4 children in the streets of South Kensington on Sunday.

    And when the father of four came up with the 6.3-liter V12 engine, an electric motor worthy of the McLaren P1 car and the Lambo door was his first trip with his kids.

    When he arrived directly at the dealership to bring a Meg girl from Netball into a beautiful Ferrari, Gadar had good friends.

    Showing the new course of its 422 followers instagrams, Ramsay says for the first time: Before pointing out: ‘Holly Mackerel, it’s fast …’ My first visit to see Meag’s Netball Fi was on M4, to get there later. . … ”

    They concluded: The part of the electrical part even burns your bread quickly … ‘

    It’s estimated that his new electric sports car cost 1 million pounds before personalization, and although it’s not known as a full set of small parts manufactured by Gusters, he has seen his famous phrase on the wheel! completed! ‘Adopted

    Gordon, host of Hell’s Kitchen, with David and Victoria Beckham’s best friend, black sneakers and jeans wearing a navy t-shirt.

    Two weeks ago, her Achilles tendon was seen playing an ankle brace despite the tearing, sports television stars seemed comfortable in their regular shoes.

    Sunday was a big spending day for Star, whom Clarius had stopped in his rather attractive vehicle.

    Garthar even stopped locking the public in the street with his camera phone, while the famous chef was smiling happily.

    After receiving gifts for his wife Tana Ramsay by the Fort’s last Ferrari 550 Maranello, a treatment was found for herself, when she received a three-star medical award.

    The blue car was purchased 15 years ago in South Kensington from HR Owen Ferrari dealer.

    The model The Ferrari is the latest in a series of superstars belonging to the TV star, who already owned 15 Ferrari models, including 458 Italia and F12 Berlin.

    The conditions for the famous cooks are improving, and Forbes has estimated the wealth at around $ 48 million.

    He has to open the Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore and in 2005 he managed to take the kitchen from his hell.

    Earlier this year, party guests were invited to present to Elton John and his 2015 Oscar, which included Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Mike Desert and Kylie Minogue.

    Gadar married Tana in 1996, his wife, and now has four children. Megan, 16, Malayadha, 12 and 14, Holi and Jacob Twins


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